Today crossing mouth of Bay of Biscay. Sea a little rougher, ship rolling somewhat. Not sick (seasickness remedy 'Vasano� evidently efficacious.) Passing C. Finisterre about 5pm but invisible owing to mist. Run of the ship (12-12) 403 miles. Gibraltar is about 5? west of Greenwich. Clocks will be retarded 1/2 hour on Monday & Tuesday, then put forward again at Marseilles. We are due in Tangier 7 am on Tuesday (6th) & Gibraltar at 1.30 pm. Run of 1007 miles to Tangier takes about 89 hours. Today a few porpoises passing the ship. Yesterday saw a gull I did not know, dark brown with white bands on wings. Otherwise no life. Length of ship is about 250 yards, width at widest about 25 yards. There are 7 decks above water-level. Do not yet know number of crew, who including stewards are mainly lascars.