Last night much fog, syren? sounding continually. This morning the sea much smoother, grey & oily, about the colour of lead. Later in the day very hot, & the sea bright blue. Passed Cape Roca about 10 am, but invisible in mist. Passed Cape St. Vincent quite close in, about 2-3 miles, at 6pm. Run of ship (noon to noon) 342 miles. Due at Tangier early tomorrow. Gulls here of a breed I do not know, dark brown or black on top, white below, hawking over the water only a few inches above the surface, just like an owl over grass. Clumps of sea weed? as we got nearer land. Some swallows or martin (different from the English) following the ship when still far from land. Two whales said to have been seen yesterday, but I missed them. This is not, as I had thought, a steam turbine ship, but an oil turbine. Crew thought to be about 600. The tourist class (really midway between 2nd & 3rd class) has three small lounges apart from the dining saloon, two decks where games are played, a small swimming bath & a rather primitive cinematograph. R. C. mass & Anglican H. C. held every day. Tourist fare London ' Gibraltar £ 6 ' 10.¹ Later. Number of crew 543. Ship carries 8 or 9 thousand tons cargo.

¹ Six pounds ten shillings ' not £6 to £10. Peter Davison

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