For sale along with the bright orange half-ripe dates are others equally bright purple, about the colour of brinjals. Pomegranates for same in large piles everywhere. Some oranges beginning to yellow. Immense vegetable marrows for sale, probably weighing 20-30lbs. each. Also a kind of smooth pale green extremely elongated marrow ' possibly a species of cucumber. Black bread made & sold here in the bazaar; presumably barley but looks like rye.

Goldfinches extremely common here. Storks it appear are migratory & do not appear here till mid-winter. Great variations in temperature. Today & yesterday fairly cool, the day before unbearable, temperature even at 6pm being 25?C. (ie. 77?F.) & probably about 40?C at midday. Is said to reach 45?C. (ie. 113?F) as hottest indoor temperature here. After cooling off about 4pm it generally seems to get hotter again about 6, perhaps owing to the prevailing warm wind. At night a sheet over one is sufficient, but in the early morning one generally pulls up the blanket.

A donkey is said to cost about Fr. 100 (about 12/6d.)

Lettuces said to be very difficult to grow here.